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Why do you do what you do? By Pascal Okeke

Why do you do what you do?

I had an interesting conversation during break time today with a passionate entrepreneur/Startup Founder.

“Tell me Obi, why are you starting this business?”

“I have ONE mission, to MAKE MONEY!” he quickly answered.

“Obinna, that’s not a clear why. I asked you what’s your mission, what’s your purpose to start this business?” I insisted.

“Well, money! This is what everyone wants. Right? Show me the money Pascal”

“Yes Obi, we all need money. But, is this the ONLY reason you’re getting into this business? To make money?”

“Well, duh! Pascal that’s so obvious! I want to make MONEY!” He was very impatient by now.

“Well… that’s wrong! Actually that’s the number one trap entrepreneurs fall when starting a business.”

“That is nonsense Pascal! Why is this a trap?”

“Money is the result, NOT the mission or purpose of a business. Your business model should exist to serve the mission, not the other way around!”

“That doesn’t make sense. I want to make money. I need to make money! I want to be a millionaire! I don’t care how! This may be a good business! Coach me! Don’t bother me!”

“I’m protecting you Obinna!”

“Nonsense!” He replied angrily.

“Obinna, this is what will happen if you move forward with an empty mission. You will either fail or get into trouble. Eventually you will become a slave of your business. If you have a passionate mission you will enjoy the journey!”

“But I will be the boss! I will never be slaved by my business!”

“It’s your attitude Obi! Founders that are in just for the money will usually quit before the company becomes successful. It’s very hard to start a business, without passion you will quit facing the hard times. If you want money, you will easily move away in search of money. There are easier ways to make money than starting a business!”

“I’m passionate about MONEY!”

He paused for a second thinking about what he just said. “Yes! Yes! That’s my passion! I will NEVER quit! I’m like a shark seeking blood!”

What is your mission for your Business?
Let’s roll it!

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