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What Stops you from doing it

What stops you from Doing it? An Insight from the Big Journey

The biggest “trap” i saw people falling into, up even to this moment people are still falling for it, is that if you follow what successful people teach, you will be successful.


If that is so easy, everyone would be multi-millionaire/billionaire. Why i say its a trap? Countless new so-called “guru” are popping up everywhere in social media telling people how to achieve financial freedom, how easy it is to quit your job, and that everyone can be as successful as they are.

End result? Less than 1% actually turned out to be successful. But there are still tonnes and hordes of people pay hefty sum of money to attend their “secret” course ending up who got richer? You guessed it right. The “gurus”.

The reason these “gurus” are making money so easily is due to the fact that everyone thought success is easily attainable. What they saw on social media, the big cars, big house, hot chicks, big parties, are all but the outliers, not the average Joes.

When you are constantly exposed to these posts and photos, you will think that its easily achievable, quit your job, start your own thing ending up busting and going back to your miserable job thinking why everyone else can do it easily but not you. Lastly falling into depression and that life is like a zombie. Meaningless.

Do not ever fall into the trap of thinking you can easily attain a “financial HALO” just because you attended or know THE secret to be rich. If anyone can pay for such a secret, why would you be THE ONE to be rich?

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