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Fake Friend

What is your definition of a FAKE FRIEND?

I used to think that my dad had a lot of friends. That’s because every day, his friends came to our house, they drank together (my dad was an alcoholic) and then went out with my dad until midnight.

I really liked his friends, because they always brought me biscuits, toys, and all kids stuff. This was when we had a stable life and my dad had “money”.

At that time, I was like, “Daddy’s friends are very nice, I hope they visit us more often”.

Then, my dad’s businesses collapsed, he lost his money. Since that, I’d never seen his friends again. I wondered why they never visited us again and I finally asked my mom about this,

Me: “Mom, where are daddy’s friends?”

My mom: ”Friends?”

Me: “Yeah, why they never visit us again?”

My mom: “Oh, sorry honey, Your dad does not have friends.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

My mom: “Your dad doesn’t have friends, he only has ‘FAKE’ friends”.

Of course, I didn’t know what fake friends meant at that time because I was still a kid.

Years passed, I eventually realize that. What’s your experience of a FAKE FRIEND?

Let’s talk about it!

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