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Comfort Zone

The future of your Comfort Zone, What you actually need.

The sooner you stop treating your comfort zone as a place to be, the sooner you will escape it.

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Your comfort zone is not your friend.

Your comfort zone won’t take you any further than you are right now.

Your comfort zone is unproductive.

Nothing ever grows there.

Getting out of your comfort zone can, in fact, be the hardest thing you will ever have to do. But, not impossible.

Your first step towards a successful mission is to be completely aware of what your actual comfort zone is. Don’t worry, we all have one. Some of us even have plenty of comfort zones. You need to detect the one you want to escape so badly. It can either be your workplace, your partner or the city you live in. You must know the exact reason why you have developed your comfort zone in the first place. Then, it comes the hardest part.

Challenges are and should be your best friend. The more you challenge yourself, the bigger your chances of leaving your comfort zone are.

So, start challenging yourself.

Start doing things you are afraid of doing.

Start saying things you were always afraid to say.

Start focusing on what’s best for you.

Start embracing the fact that you may fail. (you probably will- but you will survive it)

Start motivationally speaking to yourself.

Start accepting yourself as you are so the others can do the same.

Start overcoming irrational fears.

Start acting instead of just thinking.

Start doing whatever sets your soul on fire.

The only way to end your comfort zone is by a new start.

Once you make the jump, you will instantly feel freer. And, that’s an irreplaceable feeling. You will immediately get addicted to it.

It only takes one step.

Make the right one.

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