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Storytelling for Businesses using digital Tools

Storytelling for Brands and Businesses using digital tools

On Saturday the 29th day of June 2019, I shared A stage with Hon. Nonso Smart Okafor – The Honorable Member representing Nnewi North constituency in the Anambra State House of Assembly, and host of other resource persons to for The Impact Project Anambra (TIPA), A Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Event which held at Kenneth Dike Library, beside Anambra Broadcasting Service, ABS Awka.

My session was focused on Storytelling for Businesses using digital tools. We explored several tips to help young people get started in telling their business tips.

Excerpts from my session:

“Humans have been telling each other stories for millennia. From moonlight tales to kindred meetings to street gossip to written language and printed books, through to digital content shared around the world through various media”.

“Humans are hardwired to tell and listen to stories.”

“Storytelling isn’t only about fiction. When we talk or write about ourselves, our work, our businesses, our startup ideas, etc. we are telling a story.” Pascal Okeke

Professionals and Startup founders have a million things to do, but fundamentally, telling the story of themselves, their idea or project is the most important. There are many audiences to engage with — potential co-founders or employees, customers and partners, investors, advisers, and collaborators.

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I’ve seen and assessed hundreds of startup pitches over the years and I’ve found that too often, the message is muddled. Founders often explain features or technologies and focus heavily on fine details. While this information can be valid, it is not easy or engaging to follow. Without a clear sense of purpose, pitches become boring, uninspiring and easy to forget.

A great pitch is often seen as art, but it’s just as much a science. This is not unlike storytelling — we may think that our favorite authors spend a few sunny afternoons at their computer to smash out a bestselling novel. The reality is that successful authors spend a great deal of time planning their story.

You can download the full Presentation below:

Anambra Impact Project – Pascal Okeke (145 downloads)

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