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Staying Creative as an Entrepreneur

My name is Pascal Okeke, I read an article some time ago, in fact, last week, and attempted answering some questions listed towards the end of the text.

This morning, I decided to check other answers in the comment box, and a certain answer struck me as the question for which the answer was provided was kinda twisted.

#TheQuestion: As an Entrepreneur, How do you stay Creative?

“You keep copying other ideas. And if you want to be known to be creative by those around you, you just need to make sure you don’t reveal your sources.

I’ve worked with some incredibly ‘creative’ entrepreneurs. In all cases, I eventually realized that they were just getting all their ideas by reading around.

And that makes sense. Just imagine how much more ‘creative’ you can be by reading about other ideas, tens every hour, than you could be by closing your eyes and trying to come up with them yourself.

“Good artists copy, but great artists steal.” – possibly Pablo

What would have been your answer to the above question?

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