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Own a One Page Website Now!

With mobile and social media browsing on the rise, simple, speedy and responsive single-page websites are among the most popular web trends to date. Single page websites aim to provide just the right amount of information for a user to make a decision and act on it.  A one-page website is an excellent choice if you want to use the design as a preview, for your startup, landing pages, corporate website or your portfolio.

What is a One Page Website?

The term ‘one page website’ is exactly what it sounds like — although in order to properly develop and deploy one, you do need to put quite a lot of consideration into what you’re doing and how you’re going to achieve it.

Simply put, a one page website is a single page website that utilizes just one page. Most one page websites do have menu bars like your average, run-of-the-mill website. Yet rather than transport you to different web pages, selecting a menu item merely drops users down to a predefined section of the site. 

A huge number of creatives have recently adopted the one page website — although larger multinationals have also begun to implement temporary deployments of one page websites as preview pages and placeholders to kick start promotional activities prior to a big launch.

One paged website

Why go for a One-Page Website?

With the mobile technology, website and app scrolling became a habit for the users. Responsive design is the norm today, and by incorporating a mobile-first approach with your single-page websites, we will create an intuitive mobile experience for the users and ensure that your pageless design looks good on all devices just like a mobile app does.

Because single page design contributes to an intuitive user journey, there’s very little to be confused about when you land on a single-page. If the users love the Contents, they’ll share it. We will figure out where to place all the right elements in the page for better conversion rate and tell your brand story in a creative and entertaining way.

Studies show that having a single page can lead to increased conversions (>37.5%) because users begin the journey sooner and move through it more quickly, with nowhere to get lost or distracted by another offer. With only one page, there are zero screen-to-screen links and much less content than on a multi-page design.

Our Pricing


N9,999 / Year
  • .com.ng Domain Name
  • Free hosting
  • 1 Email Addresses
  • 72-hour setup time
  • Ability to Make Posts
  • 24/7 support
  • No SSL


N14,999 / Year
  • .com Domain Name
  • Free hosting
  • 2 Email Addresses
  • 48-hour setup time
  • Ability to Make Posts
  • 24/7 support
  • SSL


N24,999 / Year
  • .com Domain Name
  • Free hosting
  • 7 Email Addresses
  • 24-hour setup time
  • Ability to Make Posts
  • 24/7 support
  • SSL

How do I get a one-page Website?

Getting a One-Page website is easy and simple, all you have to do is to submit your proposed project details in the Form provided.

One Paged Website

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