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Pascal Okeke

Make Every Meeting Count by Pascal Okeke

“Every Single person you know, there will be a time when you will be meeting them for the last time”

Let that thought sink in.

We all know this is true and inevitable. Yet we think this is not happening, at least not this time.

Two months back I lost a Blossom Friend to death.

Last time I met him was in 2015 at a popular joint in Awka. Our last meeting was not great. He was hopeless about his life, because of his drinking addiction. I confronted him for the same and urged him to give up drinking. Since this advice had become too repetitive and annoying for him, he just walked away. And that is my last sight of his.

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Do I regret what I said to him? No. Because I know what I was doing for him was the right thing.

What I do regret is, after all those harsh words, I should have given him a tight hug and said Don’t worry I still Love You.

He passed away in November 2017 just a few days to my birthday, because of multiple organ failure, and that hug and those comforting words shall never reach him.

If you do love someone, no matter how bitter it gets, let that last sight of them, be a pleasant one.


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