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Loneliness, Connectivity and Our Environment

You will be alone most of the time. Not lonely, but alone. Try to understand the difference to avoid unnecessary suffering.

Happiness will not come easily as it came when you were young. You would have to work towards it. Discipline and sacrifice would be your best bet.

Life will get boring. Your mind will wander. Learn to control it before it starts controlling you.

Your best friend might no longer be your best friend. Your ex would have already moved on. You will struggle. But it will imbue you with lots of wisdom. So don’t curse yourself.

You’ll realise in retrospect that very few people really loved you whilst others just wanted something out of you.

Memories are not always good. More than often, they induce unnecessary fear, anxiety and mood swings.

Time starts becoming the most valuable commodity. It will treat you like shit if you treat it cheaply.

Whether you like it or not, people will talk behind you. Sometimes it would be the people whom you trusted the most. Learn to ignore them.

You’ll run down the guilt-valley more often than before. You will do things which you know is not good for you but will anyways end up doing it. You will invariably be distracted by foul things. This is your mind conquering your weak spot. Like I said, discipline can save you.

You’ll realize that success is not that easy after all. It’s that difficult. You would be tempted to give up on your dreams and live an average life. Don’t.

Things will go wrong. Personally and professionally. The unexpected will happen. There won’t be any reason/person to blame on. Your faith in humanity will plummet all of a sudden. But hey, don’t give up. Move on.

You will soon start noticing your parents are getting old, your best friend is suffering from illness or money constraint. You realize how much time you’ve wasted playing the ego game. So don’t wait. Make that phone call now.

Most of the times, you’ll experience fear for no reason. When things are going good, you’ll dread on ‘what if this happiness goes away?’. When things are not going good, you’ll still dread on what’s going to happen next.

You’ll get your heart broken multiple times. And you’ll have to break a couple of hearts yourself. That’s life. There no right and wrong here.

There are no good people/bad people. You’ll have to come out of this cynical mind-set. There are only people who bring you pleasantness and unpleasantness. Remember, people who bring unpleasantness to you might bring pleasantness to someone else.

You’ll realize that multitasking is not beneficial. You start focusing on one big goal/day rather than 10 small goals/day. You’ll learn to differentiate between being productive and being busy.

You’ll learn that not all emotions you experience are genuine. More than half of them are mere mind-games. Learn to distinguish to avoid bouts of depression.

You’ll be forced to change your attitude towards failures because you’ll have more failures than success. You will no longer react to events, but will eventually respond to it. Reacting will get you into more trouble. Responding will move you towards a solution.

You’ll realise that you can’t be friends with everyone. And you don’t have to be. Accept this fact sooner than later.

You’ll realise that earning respect is more difficult than earning money. And it’s the respect that would eventually make you feel proud about yourself in life.

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