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Why do you do what you do? By Pascal Okeke

I hate my Life, An advice to Young People

“I hate my life” – my friend’s younger sister wrote this sentence as Facebook status. She is 25, an Engineer, passionate and works in a reputable establishment.

Her Facebook status paid attention to my mind yesterday when I logged in to my Facebook account. I understood from her detailed Facebook status that she was facing some severe relationship related problems in life. Her life is becoming complicated.

The pattern of personal problems has been changing in the 21st century. Depression, Break up, extra-marital affairs, divorce, career problems, insurmountable academic pressure, lack of concentration power, financial problems, wasting time in social media, porn addiction, sexual harassment online and in real life are gradually increasing.

Mental health should be the uppermost priority for us to deal with all of these problems in life. People must try to level up mental toughness for facing current and future challenges.
By analyzing different situations of life, I have observed that more or less some traits are found within mentally strong people and I would want to share them as part of my #SundaySundayMedicine
~ Don’t inform the world repetitively what they are doing right now: You want to be a world-class entrepreneur, write a NewYork Time Bestselling book, successful YouTuber, arrive on the peak of Mount Everest, want to MBA from Yale University, launch your own Android or IOS app, Setup your own Multinational company and so on.

Consequently, you are working hard to reach your goal. But you should not need to repetitively tell online and offline what you are doing right now. Mentally strong people don’t reveal their goals unnecessarily to mass people. They reveal their goal to those people who may help, advise or mentor to reach their goal.

~ Keeping emotions under control, working relentlessly rather than showing off lifestyle and achievements: strong people can control their emotions. Some people work insanely as workaholics and are focused on their passion. Adamant and hardcore confidence is part and parcel of their life. Most of them don’t show off their credentials, lifestyle, achievements, houses, cars on social media and society.

They know that success is achieved through consistent hard work and it needs huge focus to achieve, retain and sustain it. That’s why they avoid distraction and unnecessary attention. Moreover, Successful people just focus to build good habits and maintain day to day activities properly.

~ Family is the topmost priority for them: Job or business is not everything for them, they give the best priority to family. They take breaks on certain days to travel or spend vacation time with family members every year. Lols

~ Being cool-minded during a stressful situation, analyzing the situation and taking the right decision: Mentally tough people are calm, quietude and able to think fast during stressful situations. We become panicked and lose patience when we face stressful or dangerous situations. During stressful situations, intelligent people think wisely, act like the normal way, analyze every pros and cons of the situation s and take the right decisions.

~ Do everything in time: We are familiar with this term, but we don’t follow. But highly focused person always maintain a schedule, follow a disciplined lifestyle and commitment to maintaining a timetable. If they promise to meet with you at 5.00 p.m, they will present in time such as 4.55 or 4.57 p.m. They are committed to their promise and appointment.

~ They are altruistic instead of egoistic and always keep away from showing unnecessary ego: It is seen in a society that lots of people maintain high ego. On the other hand, mentally sound people love to talk CEO to a taxi driver. They are flexible to do any kind of work, learn from every experience, are comfortable with all classes of people and give respect to every people and profession.

~ Mentally strong people are not submissive, they protest against injustice: Strong-minded people are not submissive. When injustice happened, they protest. They are honest with themselves and don’t fear anything. They always say the right thing in the right place.

~ Curious to know about a different culture and ready to embrace change: Self-willed people are curious to know about different cultures, religions, people, new business theories, innovative ideas and books. They don’t believe anything blindly and are always ready to embrace change.
Most importantly, they are not rigid about anything.

~ Respect others points of view: Self-assured and mentally balanced people are not inflexible about religion, culture, ideas and gender etc. Most importantly, they always respect others points of view. They may not agree with you but they will appreciate expressing your point of view.

~ Set rational and attainable goals: These types of people don’t build castles in the air. They are always aware of their limitations and set goals that can be durable and achievable.

~ Making some close friends or a support group who can support during the happiest and toughest time in life: They are self-sufficient. Self-sufficient people are not emotionally dependent on other people for happiness. Yet they create a support group and make some good friends. It works as a supportive force during their happy time and toughest time.

~ Attacking over the weakest side of problems: Average people fear to face the problems. Self-driven people love to face problems and challenges. They have some unique ways to solve problems. Every problem has some weakest sides. Mentally well-balanced people observe the problems and solve the problem by attacking the weakest sides of problems.

~ When you shout to them, they listen attentively instead of reacting: Mentally persistent person hardly show anger. When you shout to them, they don’t react instantly. Instead, a mentally sound person listen to you with full concentration and try to influence your mind. It is an extremely good characteristic in career and relationships.

~ Feeling blessed and lucky every day for everything: Showing a way of gratefulness may vary from person to person. But one thing in common. Strong-minded people are grateful for everything they have achieved in life. They don’t find shortcomings in life. Consequently, they always search for opportunities and blessings.

In today’s distracted and highly competitive world, it is a prerequisite to be mentally strong for mental and physical well-being. We should not live in online bubbles of tweets, status, chatting, views, uploading our selfies, likes and comments, we must live full of beans in offline moments.

Problems, sufferings and challenges can not defeat mentally tough people. Instead, every challenge and defeat enhance these types of person’s resistance power and opportunity to win.
Mass people are racing with each other to reach goals, mentally well-balanced people compete only with own-selves, help surrounding people and make a coalition with like-minded people to reach their goal.

My name is Pascal Okeke, Apart from helping you build technological solutions to power your business and enhance your daily life and activities, I also help make your journey to becoming a world-class entrepreneur become seamless and Hassle-free!

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