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Fake Friend

What is your definition of a FAKE FRIEND?

I used to think that my dad had a lot of friends. That’s because every day, his friends came to our house, they drank together (my dad was an alcoholic) and then went out with my dad until midnight.

Pascal okeke

The Hustlepreneur’s Diary

Dear Hustlepreneur/FutureHustlepreneur, let me seek your permission to talk to you at this earlier stage of your journey into this year. I am your brother and friend, Ezigbote nwa afo na onye ndū GI for this journey.

Work Hard by Pascal Okeke

Work Hard at Working Smart

Those that work hard usually evaluate success based on inputs such as the number of hours they work and the number of tasks they accomplish in a day or in a week and ultimately seek a large paycheck.

Pascal Okeke

What is the meaning of Life?

The next time you get angry or frustrated ask yourself: “What do I have to believe in order to feel this way? What do I think is the meaning of this?

Why do you do what you do? By Pascal Okeke

Why do you do what you do?

Founders that are in just for the money will usually quit before the company becomes successful. It’s very hard to start a business, without passion you will quit facing the hard times. If you want money, you will easily move away in search of money. There are easier ways to make money than starting a business!

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