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Focus by Pascal Okeke

Focus is Trained not Obtained

I have met people who have in one time or the other asked me questions on how they can become a better version of themselves by being focus

Pascal okeke

Have you ever felt demotivated?

Our mind is like a dustbin and our thoughts are what we throw in the dustbin(our mind). Now suppose you throw some wet waste in the dustbin.


Staying Creative as an Entrepreneur

I’ve worked with some incredibly ‘creative’ entrepreneurs. In all cases I eventually realized that they were just getting all their ideas by reading around.

Stop cheating your brain

Stop cheating your brain. Start now

Today you woke up with the desire to finally get going on the projects you’ve been putting off over the last few years. You were motivated, inspired, and ready to take the first step.

What is your Excuse?

What is your Excuse?

We often think being good at one thing is all we need to succeed, but hey, success is less of what you are good at, but more of what you are good for.

Fake Friend

What is your definition of a FAKE FRIEND?

I used to think that my dad had a lot of friends. That’s because every day, his friends came to our house, they drank together (my dad was an alcoholic) and then went out with my dad until midnight.

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