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Pascal Okeke

Friendship and Business, Dangerous combination young entrepreneurs should avoid.

While in School, The Non-Academics students association which I happen to be the pioneer president normally converges at a popular #Ofeakwu joint in #Unizik for the Lunch Meetings. So on a certain occasion, I was with one of my best friends having a beer, lols, laughing and enjoying our conversation. Somehow the beers were having a good effect and things were starting to look bright and he quickly said to me.

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“Pascal, I have an idea: let’s start a business!”

And just like that, our friendship started down a different path. We were excited, we trusted each other, we had a very clear dream of where we wanted to go, so we started to work towards our project.

Very soon, small misunderstandings started happening, yet we ignored them because we were “best friends.”
We got locked into the business after we made our financial investment meanwhile investing more and more time and energy into the project.

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Difficult conversations needed to have happened. They never did. We had no formal agreement, and soon it was too late to even talk about them.

Problems and misunderstandings started to build up quickly, and eventually, the beers ended. Then the fun ended. This negative energy went into the business which led to the total business failure. The friendship ended.

Dear Entrepreneur,
Don’t jump into a business venture just because of friendship! It’s incredibly easy to get involved for the wrong reasons.

John D. Rockefeller has a great quote: “A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.”
Handling business and friendship is extremely complex — it demands mature individuals to make it work.

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