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Finding your feet as an entrepreneur

Dear young person/entrepreneur/startup founder, it is my pleasure to address you this beautiful Saturday morning knowing fully well that you have read my previous day’s article. I received some messages and calls about a few hacks that help you stand firm as a first-time entrepreneur. Kindly read below:

Be productive: You won’t be sharp to build a business if you eat, sleep and feel like crap. Fuck all the work 18-hours day advice. The goal is not to work a lot rather getting things done.

Patience: People want the money now. That’s why they quit before they start. I posted daily videos for six -months until I got my first client. The ones who are willing to wait, win.

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Innovation: Waiting is one piece of the puzzle. Second is innovation. You can’t just do the same thing and wait till success. It’s a constant improvement; “How can I do better?”

Adapt: Respond to what’s working and what isn’t. The quicker you can figure that out, the quicker you will succeed.

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Outsource: You have some weaknesses and strengths. Why not outsource what you can’t do? Unless there is a skill you really want to cultivate, let someone else do it.

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Leadership: It’s not manipulation. Give value and people will get hooked on your mission. 60–70% of the value should come from your end.

Provide value: Sell high-end products that provide tremendous value. Not everybody can afford to work with me but those who do change their life. Create a product/service with immense value.

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