Entrepreneurship is an art

Entrepreneurship is an Art

Most times, people approach me to ask questions on how to get started as a young person as well as how to find their feet on the street. I have created so many formulas for young people as well as have thought a good number of young people to master so many skills that will help them get started.

Recently, most young entrepreneurs shifted their questions to why Entrepreneurship is difficult and how I have been able to navigate through, thus the development of those simple formula; I tell them: Entrepreneurship is an art, not a skill.

I still remember when I learned to drive a car. I was a houseboy to a one-time Anambra state commissioner and because he is based in Enugu, the cars in the village are left under my care and his driver Chukwudi.

I needed to learn how to drive so I can always join other guys in school when they are discussing road/driving tricks, I have to figure out fast how to leverage on Chukwudi to get what I wanted. I started dishing out bigger portions of food to him and getting him drinks from my master’s fridge.

So one day I told him my plans and he accepted to teach me, he took me to a big football field, gave me some few hacks and got out of the car and said, “It’s your turn!”

At first I was nervous, but to my surprise, in just a few minutes, I figured it out.

“Thank you for today Sir. Can I drive home?” I asked after my first 30-minute practice.

“No!” said Chukwudi firmly. “You’re not ready yet.”

Yes, driving a car is easy… it’s a technical skill, even little kids can learn how to drive (don’t doubt it) — but driving a car swiftly through the town without crashing is an art… it takes guidance, practice, time and courage to master it.

In a very similar way, entrepreneurship is difficult to learn because it’s NOT a technical skill, it’s an art — entrepreneurship demands guidance, practice, time and courage to master it.

hope this helps

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