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Don’t Crush yourself yet! You are one step close — Pascal Okeke

Don’t Crush yourself yet! You are one step close

Life does not get better on its own.

Most of us sit back in our chairs, turn on the TV, and grab ourselves a drink in complete bliss.

Yes, stuff is happening. Yes, life is not perfect. Yes Buhari is not performing.

But yet we can still sit back and relax because we believe, deep down inside, that somehow, somewhere, things will get better on their own.

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Somehow things will work out in our favor.

But do they really?

As a student I found myself at home on evening, wondering what I was doing with my life.

Don’t ask me how those thoughts came up, they just did.

Anyway, when I was sitting there I was thinking about what I wanted out of life.

I wanted to be rich, successful and at the top of my field. I wanted to have a loving family and the means to care for them.

I wanted so many things… yet I hadn’t gotten close to any of them.

On top of that, I was only sitting at home playing Virtual games on TV with some of my friends.

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How was that supposed to help?

I decided that it would be okay and stopped worrying about it; mainly so I could keep playing.

However, some years later, after lots if trials and errors moving to another states and struggling really hard to get through Unizik, I realized that I was further away from those dreams than before.

And then I looked back at what I had done in those years, and then looked back at the rest of my life and realized I had not moved a single step in the right direction!

Most of my days were wasted and I had nothing to show for it.

I was crushed.

I had done nothing with my life and was moving away from what I really wanted.

Life had not gotten better on its own.

On the day I realized this it hit me so hard that I fell into a long crying session that ended in suicidal thoughts and panic attacks because I thought I would never get what I wanted.

That is when I took a look around my elders and realized that every single one of them thought the way I did.

My mom used to think that way, my father used to think that way, even my grandparents used to think that way when they were young.

And it happened for none of them which left me even more depressed.

Today I work with people all over the world, at very different ages, who all experience the same phenomenon.

Everyone waits for life to happen for them, for everything to automatically go their way, but it never does.

And, whenever we realize it, we look back in regret and turn to the future in fear because we doubt that it will ever happen for us.

It’s like we are waiting for a chicken to fly into our home, de-feather itself, cook itself, and feed itself to us; it just won’t happen on its own!

There will be no talent scout that finds you, there will be no sign that hits you square in the face, there will be no golden opportunity that you notice as such and there will be no big red button for you to hit to make it all happen.

You need to go out there, put in the work and do what is necessary for you to get what you want!

It will not happen on its own but it can happen for you nonetheless!

But you actually have to get up off your ass, turn off the damn TV and get a move on.

Or else you will find yourself down the road, looking back and saying “If only I had done things differently back then…”

Don’t wait. Make your own dreams come true yourself.

Stop being less than you can be and reach your goals.

I hope this helps!

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