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Convenience is King – An advice to young Entrepreneurs

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I see, read and come across hundreds and thousands of Pitch Decks every day both on and offline. I see young entrepreneurs pitch to potential investors, friends, even enemies, government, potential clients just to drive their messages.

I am constantly evaluating businesses, ventures, organisations, Startups, new incumbents, and my competition. I live and breathe the art of business, and if there’s one thing I see emerging, it’s that #ConvenienceIsKing.

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In a marketplace of distraction, the company’s products and services that can save you TIME are going to win.

That is why in the west, Amazon is a market leader. That is why Prime Now wins. These guys have simplified the process of buying and selling. They have saved you enormous amounts of time. In fact, in one of our messages, we say that they “Give you back your time”.

This is important because it’s the one commodity you can’t get more of.

No matter where you are or what your economic situation is, you will never have more time. It’s why we as humans will do anything to purchase it. It’s why we choose Uber instead of walking. It’s why we pay an extra ₦ for delivery. It’s why we pay some ₦ to fly instead of drive. It’s all about TIME.

No one wants complexity layered upon their daily life

No one cares about specifications and numbers and horsepower anymore. People literally want cars to drive themselves!!

They want freedom, simplicity and SPEED.
It’s one of the biggest market advantages you can possibly create.

Uber saves you TIME.
Amazon saves you TIME
Sabi Writers by Ogbogu Chinonso offers you Convenience, Speed cum saves you Time. Seamless and Doordash save you TIME.
Beclean Laundry gives you back your time.
Mega Cooking Gas Depot offers you Total Convenience.
Naira-Rice by Arinze Omenwa offers you Convenience. I can keep the list going.

This is why all these brands are winning.

As a young person, when running your startup or business you should be considering how you can save people TIME.

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How does your product, your business, or your service expedite a market experience that used to be tedious and tiresome for all?

If you are trying to create a competitive advantage, you should really start thinking about SPEED and CONVENIENCE as the two things that will help you succeed.

If you can do this and execute, you are going to have a good chance.
More importantly, make sure the end consumer perceives that additional convenience or speed you provide.

Too many people focus on shipping a technical iteration or adding features to a product that only complicates the experience.

It’s a beautiful new day, I just hope you will find time to go back to your drawing board and add time, speed and convenience to your already existing business model.

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