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Comfort Zone

The future of your Comfort Zone, What you actually need.

Your first step towards a successful mission is to be completely aware of what your actual comfort zone is. Don’t worry, we all have one. Some of us even have plenty of comfort zones. You need to detect the one you want to escape so badly. It can either be your workplace, your partner or the city you live in. You must know the exact reason why you have developed your comfort zone in the first place. Then, it comes the hardest part.

Pascal Okeke

Friendship and Business, Dangerous combination young entrepreneurs should avoid.

Dear Entrepreneur, Don’t jump into a business venture just because of friendship! It’s incredibly easy to get involved for the wrong reasons. John D. Rockefeller has a great quote: “A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship.” Handling business and friendship is extremely complex — it demands mature individuals to make it work.

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