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Pascal Okeke, Breaking your Limits

Break Your Limits – Be Crazy Enough to Make Impact

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them. – Albert Einstein”

Before improving yourself, accept your limitations. When you will identify it, it will be easy to overcome your problems with a unique strategy.

Perhaps Improving one’s self is the most difficult task in the whole world because we are habituated with our bad habits. It needs time to improve one’s self but it is not impossible. Start from now, make a little progress every day, remember your goal everyday and stick with your goal.

Have a look about some way’s to begin improving one’s self:

~ Look in the mirror, that’s your competitor:
You may want to be a bestselling author, amazing entrepreneur, famous actor/actress, renowned athletes, successful blogger, popular businessman and passionate CEO. It’s Okay. But don’t compare yourself with other people. Just look in the mirror, you only compete with that people which are reflected in the mirror. Yes, that’s you. Compare your today’s performance with yesterday’s performance. Consider the progress level and improving yourself every single day. Don’t waste your time to compete with other people. Your only competitor is You. If you can compete with yourself, today or tomorrow you will reach your goal of life.

~Imprison your monkey mind:
Mind is a great healer and a great killer. It always works like monkey who always hops from one bunch of tree to another bunch of tree. It never stays constant to one place. It can be distracted easily. If you can’t imprison your mind, it will ruin your life. You will not able to cope with any situation. Consequently, you will be failed to concentrate on any work. Your life will be stagnant. Habituate your mind for being focused and ready to learn new things. Meditation, yoga, autosuggestion, positive thinking, avoid too much virtual life, trigger to your vision, follow specific written routine, praying, physical exercise, using android app Productivity challenge timer are the effective method to imprison your monkey mind.

~Challenge your sluggish mind:
Don’t be sluggish. Our sluggish mind always try to escape. You always wake up late in the morning, try to spend more time under blanket during the rainy season, waste your time by doing unnecessary works, avoid risk and feel safe in your comfort zone. Get rid of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. If you fear of public speaking, just do it every day. Talk with strangers, record your own voice at recorder, talk with more people in different social circle and so on. If your mind don’t want to do any work, you must rival against your mind. It will be conducive for you to improve yourself. In fact, challenge yourself that I can do it. It can be anything like study, getting good CGPA, doing photography, running every morning, cooking, writing, playing instrument, paragliding, surfing and so on.

~Follow “deep work” method:
The theory focuses on deep concentration during work hour. Set a time limit when you visit online. Don’t browse randomly. The main thing is building resistance to waste your time. Do it during working hour and even off hour. You must say No to all types of distractions when there’s a bigger burning inside you. Distractions can be such as gaming, texting, pointless browsing, checking notifications of social media, talking with your crush most of the time, watching youtube videos continuously, chit-chat with your friends by wasting your productive hours, enjoying Tv serials such as Avengers & Game of Thrones, and so forth. When you start to work, separate yourself from outside world, literally keep away from everything. Dedication and commitment will make your work perfect. That is the main theme of deep work method.

~Learn from others mistakes:
We have a tendency to learn from our mistakes. That’s alright. But think from different perspective. Is it essential to learn by doing mistakes all the time? Actually we can learn many things and avoid many mistakes by observing mistakes of other people. Furthermore, develop your observing power. Surely, you can keep away yourself from those mistakes. When you will learn from those mistakes, you will be able to finish your work successfully at least by doing fewer mistakes.

Always Think highly of yourself, for the world takes you at your own estimate.

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