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Who is Pascal Okeke?

Pascal Okeke is an Avid Technology Evangelist cum Fullstack Software developer with over 10 years of experience. He is the CEO & Co-founder of Bigcode (An Anambra based Technology Company focused on building solutions for individuals, Businesses, governments cum organisations).

A Med-school drop-out turned computer science graduate from the prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka.

He is the Convener of Startup Anambra (A Startup/Entrepreneurship ecosystem development project with a mission to educate, connect and attract investment to Startups in Anambra State as well as South-Eastern part of Nigeria.). He provides mentorships to Startups and Emerging entrepreneurs.

He is also a Partner at Devamplify hub (The foremost Technology Hub in Anambra state established to help social digital startups and entrepreneurs in the southeast to develop their minimum viable products(MVP) or digital prototypes. where they also run an acceleration & incubator program).

He has over the years founded and cofounded so many startups like: Extraclass, Beclean, QuickNG, ScratchNG, Eyewitness NG, Focus to mention but few.

Together with his Team, Pascal Okeke has built so many ground breaking third party projects/platforms and is currently building an Open Source project for the south-eastern Nigeria.

He is the Sub-saharan African consultant at Chinto Technologies (A Geneva based ISP company with the African HQ in Lagos/Akwa-Ibom, Nigeria. he has always been seen quaoting: That he will live and Pro'lly die by code.

Pascal is a member of so many professional bodies like the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), The Nigeria Internet Society, The young innovators of Nigeria, the Institution of Software Practitioners of Nigeria etc

He has held many positions in Different organisations as well as acquired many years of Experience working in the Technology Industry.

He has also over the years championed advocacy programs for youth empowerment and Technology Litracy. The result of his work is evident especially in the South Eastern part of the country.

The serial award winner recently bagged the pretigious Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) .NG award for the year 2018/2019.

At his spare time, Pascal enjoy cooking. He has seen at different online media profess his love for #Ofeakwu/Beans and Plantain.

He enjoys Logic, Complex numbers, Coding and Intellectual discourse. Pascal works with an Amazing team.

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